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Bird Cherry Tree (Prunus padus)

The bird cherry tree is a shrub or a small tree and it is also known as the Mayday tree. This species of tree produces fruit and flowers with the flowers being pollinated by bees and flies.

Where Are Bird Cherry Trees Found

Bird cherry trees are native to both Northern Europe and Northern Asia and they can be seen growing wild in places that include the Arctic Circle, Britain, Northern Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Finland, France, the Balkans, Italy, and Sweden.

What is Distinguishable About Them

These shrubs are distinguished easily because of their fruit which has an astringent scent. It is because of their high content of tannin. This makes the leaves, stems and fruit poisonous to some animals. The Tree Surgeon can help you identify most trees that are poisonous. It is very important to be sure to identify poisonous trees from those that are not.

Bird Cherry Shrub Uses

Far east of Western Europe the fruit is commonly consumed, but not in Western Europe. The fruit is black and it is ground into a unique flour and used for a variety of culinary purposes. During the Middle Ages, the fruit was used in herbal medicine. In some regions, people believed that when the bark of the tree was placed at the door it would ward off plagues. Its purpose for being marketed in the United States is for ornamental purposes. In Advie, the natives called it a witch tree.

Common Problems

When larvae attack the tree they will eat it leafless. Birds eat the fruit because the astringent odor does not present an unpleasant taste. The bird cherry ermine moth uses this shrub as a host. If you are interested in learning more about tree or shrub diseases and common problems, then the Tree Surgeon is highly skilled and experienced in giving you answer to questions and concerns for a wide variety of trees.

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